Progress on Custom Triple LED MCPCB Project

I’ve been making slow, fitful, progress on an custom MCPCB assembly for my triple Luminus SST-40 flashlight build. I’ve had to back up once or twice, too, but I’m getting a lot closer. In retrospect though, I probably should have reworked things and rotated the SinkPad mcpcb’s so all the negative contacts were oriented on the outside, and the positive contacts on the inside (or viceversa). It would have made the electrical interconnects much easier.

I ended up with at least two interconnect circuits built and ready for integration with the MCPCBs, and a few more that I either decided weren’t worth finishing for one reason or another, or screwed up near the end.

This is the first one I finished. I wasn’t happy with it for some reason, I think because I thought the insulated conductors were too thick, above the tops of the MCPCBs. I should have just stripped the heat shrink insulation and relied on epoxy or something, but I didn’t

This is what I ended up with. I need to solder copper strips to them Then I’ll dip them in epoxy to insulate them, solder the strips to the MCPCBs and pot the whole thing in high temperature epoxy so I can reflow the emitters.

Then I have to figure out what to do about making a spacer to fit the assembly to the UltraFire F13 host I’m planning to use this in.

On the upside, if I do this again, I have a much simpler idea in mind. I just need to draft a PCB design that will do double-duty providing the interconnects, and positioning of the sinkpads.