Monoprice MP Select Mini v2 Nozzle Replacement

I bought a Monoprice MP Select Mini v2 3D printer in late June. I recently decided I wanted¬†to get some extra nozzles so I could have some spares, I’ve used straight PETG and PLA for most of my prints. I’ve also done some prints with 40% aluminum powder and 60% PLA, have some wood-filled PLA on the way, and I’d like to try printing with a carbon or glass fiber filled plastic too. These composite filaments can all wear the nozzles, hence my need for spares.

Monoprice doesn’t sell replacement nozzles, and nor does anyone else, as far as I can tell. ¬†According the the community-made MP Select Mini wiki, the v1 and v2 use the same nozzle, which has a m6 threaded shaft, is 10mm from end-to-end, and 5m from the tip to the back of the nutted area. That’s what the wiki says, anyway.

The Wiki didn’t seem right to me. The most obvious issue is that the nozzle shown on the wiki has a different shape, like the photo on the left. There is a conical taper down from the diameter of the integrated nut to the end of the tip. After the nut section, my printer nozzle narrows immediately to ~3.5mm before the conical taper to the tip, like the photo on the right.

A bit of googling didn’t turn up any added details, so I decided to take out my nozzle and measure it with calipers. I pre-heated the hot-end to ~200C, adjusted a crescent wrench and tried unscrewing the nozzle. The whole heater block turned instead, so I grabbed some adjustable pliers, twisted the block back into place, and held it steady while I removed the nozzle.

By my measurements, the overall legnth of the nozzle is 11.5mm. From the back end of the threads to the flange for the nut section is ~6.3mm, and from there to the tip is 5.2.

Now I have to find something that matches those specs…