Power Designs TP340A Bench Power Supply

My first complete electronics troubleshooting and repair is my Power Designs TP340A bench power supply.


Basic specs:

  • Three independent isolated power sources
  • Source A & B can do 0-32v at 1A. They can be operated independently, or as a bipolar tracking supply.
  • Source C can do 0-15v at 2.5A, and 0-5v at 5A.
  • I’ll add the stability and ripple specs once I’ve verified the performance of my supply.

It took me a while, but I finally got it to behave properly and I have been putting it to good use.

Blog posts on my refurbishment and repair

The unit was in great physical condition, but it did still benefit from a little cleaning up.

  • “permanent marker” yielded to isopropyl alcohol and a melamine sponge.
  •  Tape/label residue was taken care of with some Goo Gone.
  • I also use a combination of approaches to tidy up some of the blemishes on the front panel that I think were minor corrosion of the aluminum.
    • Pink eraser
    • Melamine sponge
    • Rough end grain of a piece of bamboo worked with the grain of the brushed aluminum.

There are still some scratches on the aluminum and the plastic meter lenses. I may try and polish them out if I think I can do so without making things worse, but otherwise, I’m happy with it.


One thought on “Power Designs TP340A Bench Power Supply

  1. Hi eas,
    thanks a lot for these precise manuals and the eevblog entries. Both helped to refurbish and repair mine.
    great work, valuable support!

    Greetings from Stuttgart/Germany


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