Power Designs Manuals and Schematics

Original High Quality Scans

I have made searchable PDFs of high-quality scans of some Power Designs manuals I have in my physical posession. These manuals cover operation, adjustment/calibration, and repair. They include parts lists and schematics. They are available on the pages linked below.

If anyone has good printed manuals for any other PD supplies, it would be great if you could make good quality scans of at least the diagrams and share them. I’m personally looking for complete (or any) docs and 6050a, 6050c, 5005T, and 6010 bench supplies.

I’d also love better quality versions of the TP340a and 2005a precision supply manuals. In the meantime, I’ve found versions online, and will share them here in the meantime when I get a chance.

Scans from Elsewhere

These are of varying quality.