IoT Software Notes

I’m trying to get my head around all the IoT “hub” software options. I’m focusing on software that runs locally, rather than proprietary cloud services like IFTTT.

List o’ IoT Softwares

Open Source


  • Hubitat (link) Proprietary gateway that works without “the cloud.” Provides API for apps and drivers and SmartThings compatable scripting language. Ships with support for with ZigBee, ZWave and IP based devices.
  • Phillips Hue Bridge
  • Samsung SmartThings Hub (link). Closed source running on proprietary hardware HUB, but extensible and works with both Samsung and 3rd Party IoT hardware over Zigbee, WiFi and Z-Waver


Home Assistant

“Open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first. Powered by a worldwide community of tinkerers and DIY enthusiasts.”

Has native (python) HomekKit support


Homebridge is opensource software built on Node.js.

It describes itself as “HomeKit support for the impatient”

It provides a path to Apple HomeKit support for a variety of 3rd party ecosystems, like Samsung SmartThings by emulating the HomeKit API.

People have provided plug-ins and guides to enable all sorts of useful integrations.

Wyze Came HomeKit support using Homebridge and Wyze RTSP firmware

Mozilla Webthings Gateway


Other Notes

3 thoughts on “IoT Software Notes

  1. As a reader who often reads this and thinks “Are you me?”, did you end up setting up any of these IoT hubs? I’m in a similar position, and want to try smartening up some devices, but not sure which open source hub to go for. Home Assistant looks great, and under active development, but it seems so bloated! The others look increasingly abandoned, or bloated in their own way.

    • I never moved forward. I decided that dealing with limitations was better than having another system I need to maintain in order for my house to operate properly. I barely have the patience to keep up with WiFi router firmware updates, and I’m fed up with dealing with my home server when it suddenly decides not to boot to multi-user mode any more and I have to drag it out of the closet and hook it to a monitor and keyboard.

  2. Few months back you’ve said you donated your electronics. If you’d be ever doing it again please consider our high school robotic and electronic club in Warsaw.

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