Animated Crashplan Icon Causes Window Server to Burn CPU on OSX

I use Crashplan for backup on OSX. Tonight I happened to notice that the OSX windowserver process was consistently burning ~25% of a CPU core on my Mac for no reason. I also noticed that Crashplan was backing up my computer at the time.

I decided to try switching the preferences for the Crashplan menu bar icon to disable animation, windowserver’s CPU utilization dropped. I turned animation back on it jumped back up.

Someone should change the default.

1 thought on “Animated Crashplan Icon Causes Window Server to Burn CPU on OSX

  1. Actually, Apple should fix windowserver. Any animated icon in the menubar will cause windowserver to eat huge resources. BitTorrent Sync, Dropbox (before they changed to the new static icon), MenuMeters, etc. The only solution I’ve found so far is to install BarTender ($15). Wish there was a way to just remove some 3-rd party menubar items.

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